Opinion: A safer drug supply is a regulated drug supply

“If substance use is the health issue that everyone says it is, then we’ve got to have multiple public health pathways to a safer supply.”

Opinion: When it comes to youth and drugs, straight talk is better than scared straight.

When you give kids the information, they’re appalled by our policies and start to talk about drugs from a place of strength, not fear.

The 2020 Vanmag Power 50

The 2020 Vanmag Power 50 – Power in the time of COVID.

Treating Addiction Means Treating Trauma

Opinion: Part of the reason treatment failed for me so often is that at no point did we ever deal with the root cause of my substance use: the trauma that I endured.

Drug Policy

Opinion: Drug policy inertia has been driving stigma and overdoses for decades.


I cannot stand to see another deadly month go by in British Columbia.


BC Moved to Enable an Opioid ‘Safe Supply’ on the Streets. How’s that Going?