In 2018, we embrace and empower people making and standing up for change

In 2018, we embrace and empower people making and standing up for change. We promote inclusion and we cheer on fallen celebrities who climb their way back to the top. Do we have the same joyful heart of support and programs when it comes to hiring a recovering addict with a possible criminal record and checkered past who is trying to get their life together? In an era of equal opportunity, are all opportunities equal?

People with a history of challenges have a hard time creating a resume, learning how to use updated technology to complete online applications and find employers who are willing to give them a chance. In a world where everyone is no longer a friendly face, a welcoming smile, a firm handshake but rather a black and white resume with a list of qualifications and education, it can be insurmountably challenging for people in early recovery to find employment.

These very people need the same support we gladly share with other demographics to create a chance for change. Supportive services need to be created for people in second stage or graduated programs from treatment centers to assist them with one on one help in patiently and compassionately teaching technology, updating resumes and applying for jobs. In a non-judgemental and slow paced teaching environment, individuals can grasp the rapid changes of technology and raise their confidence with knowledge!

Which jobs do they apply for? In my recommendation, corporations and big tech companies need to create and support positions for these individuals to give them an opportunity to take steps to working legitimately, gaining skills and becoming productive members of society. Confidence plays a pivotal role in the success of recovering addicts or alcoholics and being hired, trusted, educated and trained is a key component that is missing from the recovery spectrum.