What does confidence look like?

What does confidence look like? At first thought, one might say confidence comes from success and promotion in business, reaching that “perfect body”, financial independence, spiritual awakening. For others, confidence comes in the form of something so simple: a paycheque; a real life legitimate piece of paper with a name and an amount. Something authentic, something honestly earned and something showing tax deductions to the Government.

For me, in transitioning from addiction to recovery that piece of paper was something pivotal in my success. Having spent my whole life earning cash under the table, stealing, taking from the Government and doing illegitimate things, that first paycheque solidified my introduction into a respectable member of society. It boosted my confidence and gave me self-esteem to continue to grow in my journey and leave my old life behind. After spending nearly half my life in jail, institutions and addiction that legitimate paycheque did not come easily. It was a gift.

Most people do not get to experience that gift. Being out of the working field and away from technology for so long, most people transitioning from addiction to recovery have no idea how to use these new devices, programs, apps; let alone know how to put together a resume! The problem lies in the lack of support for people moving from treatment to society. Without having someone to hold their hand and walk with them through the journey of getting back their ID’s, bank accounts, creating resumes and job searching, people lose confidence and lose momentum. They end up back sliding into the same life and patterns they were trying to walk away from.

People need support to build their confidence to take steps towards personal success. There is just not the support available that is needed to work one on one with these individuals to help them learn technology and build their portfolio. Until programs can be developed for further assistance, the cycle of relapse and addiction is and will remain constant.