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Guy Felicella grew up in a middle class home in Richmond but fell into addiction at a young age. Guy spent 30 years in the repeated cycle of gangs, addiction, treatment and jail. He spent nearly 20 years residing in the two block radius in the Downtown Eastside and using many resources, including harm reduction, to keep himself alive.

Today, Guy has escaped the grips of the turmoils that kept him suffering and resides in Surrey with his wife and two young children with multiple years of recovery and sobriety under his belt.

Guy is passionate about advocating for the vulnerable people who still suffer in addiction and educating communities on harm reduction to eliminate the stigma that exists around it. Guy has started a career with Vancouver Coastal Health in addition to attending various school districts to educate students on addiction.

Guy spent nearly his entire life suffering from the disease of addiction and now he is using his experience to change the hearts and minds of people stating, “you can’t save a dead addict.”

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Aug 1 - Musqueam Harm Reduction Conference

Keynote speaker at the Musqueam Harm Reduction Conference.

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When Guy showed up, I didn’t know what was going happen, I didn’t know what the talk was actually going to be about (I forgot), and only by learning it had something to do with this other kids IDS (which I recalled was about addiction), did I piece together the pieces of information. So naturally, I assumed it was going to be one of those “talks”.
To my utter astonishment, it wasn’t. It was one of the most eye-opening, interesting, educational, and fascinating experiences of my life. To his talk, could I finally relate too, because naturally humans can relate to another human easier than statistics. Finally I was being lectured on drugs by someone who had survived them himself, and not just some biased adult.

Guy Felicella is an amazing human being with an incredibly inspiring story. He came and spoke to all the students at Parkland Secondary School and made a huge impact on the students and staff. I would highly recommend bringing him in to your school, your office, your organization….. because we can all benefit from becoming more compassionate human beings. Thanks Guy!

An inspiring man whos mission has significant value in helping our communities stop the devastating affects of addiction and the overdose crisis. Thank you for all you do Guy!

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